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Our Academics

Upon appearing in the BECE, our students have excelled with good grades and are now pursuing various courses of their choice in the SHS. This happened through dedication, hardwork and willingness of the students . Our teachers on the other hand, are selfless,dedicated ,intelligenthumble and most of all,they are all hardworking.

When it comes to literacy, we aid our students to understand any word they may hear so they can use it well in their daily language speaking and also expand their vocabulary.


The world is Science, and everything in it is also Science. At GLIS , we teach the students everything they will need to know that make up the Science field


At GLIS, we help students not just in their vocabulary but also in their we ensure that as they are able to speak, they may also learn to write as well.

Physical Education

All work and no play , makes Jack a dull boy and all play and no work makes Jack a lazy boy. On Every Friday , we organize games for the students to play and release stress.


As we ensure that the child learns to speak and write good English, we also assist them in the world of Arithmetics and numbers. This is to ensure that the children can think and solve problems on their own.

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Basic 6

Nursery 1

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